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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  October 2, 2010 11:30pm-12:05am EDT

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still. they'll move the ball. >> sean: the punt-a-thon continues. 19 in the game now. tuesday, don't miss an episode of "detroit 187." great cops made in detroit. when it's your hometown, everything is personal. that's "detroit 187," tuesday, at 9:00, 8:00 central on abc. marscovetra coming to the sideline now for the play call. pretty balanced offense tonight for notre dame. crist threw for 203. allen rushed for 90 and a touchdown. riddick had nine catches. floyd hat four for 69 yards and a touchdown. b.c., unbelievable numbers. we mentioned, as phifer goes out of bounds, this team ran well
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last year with montel harris, over 1,400 yards. he's back. they have a big offensive line with a lot of returning starters and they can't run the ball at all right now. >> matt: now, they're not going to, obviously. when they did try to run it, they could not get on track. credit notre dame, notre dame's down three, took care of them. of course, when you can't play effectively through the air, teams will load up on the run. b.c. can't throw particularly well right now. b.c. tonight, 21 rushes for ten yards. less than a half a yard per rush. jordon mcmichael, the catch on the far sideline. disappointing night for montel harris. black belt in karate, told us yesterday he thought he was going to duke. he was offered by only two schools out of high school in jacksonville, florida. duke and ball state.
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and he committed to duke in his junior year in high school. i've never heard this before as a recruiting story. a week before the signing deadline, he gets a call. there's a boston college coach who wants to see him. he meets the b.c. assistant coach. b.c. hadn't been recruiting much at all. and the coach said to him, if you really are 5'9" and you're 175 pounds, we'll offer you a scholarship right now. so they measured him. he was exactly 5'9", he got on the scale, was exactly 175. he got the scholarship offer and came to b.c. because he wanted to be part of the winning tradition here. >> matt: he has good run skills. he needs some help. you can't run out there against a defense all by yourself. and tonight, you know, the disappointment of the offensive line in not giving enough room. if you give that kid some room, he'll get you with his feet and he also has good hands out of the backfield, catches well.
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>> sean: mcmichael, the catch on the last play. third down and nine. nearing a minute to go. notre dame will win for the second year in a row after losing six straight. shembo, the freshman, with a sack. fourth down, they're going to go for it. the punter will have to punt with his left leg. >> referee: illegal snap on the center, five-yard penalty. fourth down. >> sean: hollering toward the finish. stay tuned after the game tonight for your late local news. on espn, you can catch sportscenter with analysis of the game and all the scores and highlights from today.
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on fourth down and 15, marscovetra throws incomplete for amidon. there's a flag down. frank spaziani decided to not have quigley punt for the 12th time. i think their 11-game bowl streak could be in jeopardy. >> referee: personal foul, hands to the face, 91 defense. 15-yard penalty. first down. >> matt: they have a lot of work to do with this passing game and they really have a lot to do with the quarterback position. >> sean: the schedule gets a lot tougher now. on the road for their first road game of the year against tom o'brien at nc state. at florida state. maryland here would seem to be the next time they might be favored in a game. hm. mcmichael the intended receiver.
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and dan mccarthy came like a missile, junior out of youngstown, ohio, to break that one up. this will be just the second win in the last nine games for notre dame. dating back to last year. they lost their last four, led to the end of charlie weis. started out 1-3 this year before this win tonight. andre williams, the catch out of the backfield. true freshman runningback, tackled by steve philer. good for a first down. b.c. will hurry up and try to get at least one more play off. and the pass incomplete, and that will be the final play of the game.
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a couple of tough weeks in a row for frank spaziani and a triumphant return home for brian kelly as the irish end their three-game losing streak against the the. b.c. made a game of it with 13 straight points but then notre dame dominated in the second half. final score, notre dame 31, boston college 13. here's heather. >> heather: coach kelly, what a homecoming. you were born and raised here in massachusetts, went to high school and college. how memorable is tonight's win because you had more than 100 friends and family with you. >> i have a hundred friends, huh? didn't seem that way coming in. we got off to a good start, obviously, on the road anytime you get off to a good start that helps your football team. we played good defense.
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i think we held them to under 20 yards rushing. when you play that kind of run defense on the road and we made some plays early on and built a cushion. >> heather: last week, you were held to 44 yards rushing against stanford. how did you ignite the running game tonight. >> we went back to the spread principles. we tried to be something we weren't and tried to protect the quarterback too much. went back to spreading the field. that's what we are and where we have to continue to grow. >> heather: congratulations. >> thanks, heather, appreciate it. >> sean: his defense officially held boston college to five net yards of rushing tonight. for matt millen, heather cox and our entire crew, sean mcdonough saying so long from lovely chestnut hill, massachusetts. now back to robert flores in our new york studios for the ford wrap-up. thanks, sean. let's start in the pac-10. 74th meeting between stanford
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and oregon, but saturday was the first game that both teams were ranked. a lot of points in this one, but number 4 oregon had a whole lot more points than number 9 stanford. le michael james, 257 yards. three touchdowns including this one for 76 yards. oregon rolls 52-31. staying in the pack 10, tight finish in the l.a. coliseum. washington's eric fultz splits the six for the fourth time of the day. four field goals for him. washington beats usc 32-31. jake locker, 313 yards passing. alabama no problem with number 7 florida. mosley, 35-yard interception return. he picks off john brantley. he was picked off twice. gators fall hard, 31-6 to the crimson tide. michigan got a record performance from denard robinson. becomes the first fbs player in history to pass and run for at least 200 yards in a game twice in his career. michigan rolls 42-35. they take on undefeated michigan state next week.
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spartans head coach mark dantonio not on the sidelines because of ongoing health problems. don treadwell coaching on his behalf. second quarter, keyshawn martin returns it 74 yards for a touchdown. michigan state is undefeated. they'll take on undefeated michigan next week as part of abc's regional coverage from the big house. number two, ohio state, no problem with illinois, 24-13. texas loses a consecutive game for the first time since 1999. oklahoma wins 28-20. and the nittany lions remain winless in iowa city since 1999. hawkeyes win 24-3. see you next week. built ford tough event? well, you gotta have these bad boys. ford f-series, america's number one selling trucks, 33 years running. they haul more. they tow more and do more than other trucks. and now, you save more. on f-150, get 0% financing for 60 months plus another grand toward your trade in on top of what it's worth.
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>> a veteran journalist is arrested. >> it is shocking. >> a network news personality and his wife are busted for drug possession. u.s. officials are preparing to travel alerts for americans in europe. one nation rallies. thousands descend on the national mall. donovan mcnabb prepares to return to philadelphia. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 11:00. >> we begin tonight with the rest of the veteran cbs radio reporter or drug possession in
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northwest washington. howard arenstein and his wife were taken into custody after marijuana plants were found growing at his home. >> this began as a simple, anonymous call to police. a lot of people are surprised by this, not only about -- not only because of who was involved, but because of what police found. using an emergency warrant, officers raided dess home about 11:30. they arrested cbs radio reporter howard arenstein and his wife. police found between 11 and 19 cannabis plants. officers also found at least one half dozen smaller bags inside. >> arenstein was a prominent
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voice for cbs. he has covered numerous international stories, including the 9/11 attacks in the iraq war. >> in baghdad, a suicide bomber attacks the cafeteria of the iraqi parliament. >> he has interviewed numerous world figures. most neighbors say they had no clue about the marijuana. >> to hear that, it is surprising. >> when we not saturday night, nobody came to the door. >> are you mr. arenstein? two or you, sir? >> for some, there is 70 -- sympathy for the newscaster and his wife. >> it is not the first time that
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somebody is supposedly one way and surprises everybody and has a little secret. >> the couple has been released on probation. the sale or cultivation of marijuana is a felony in b.c. it is punishable by five years in prison and a fine. richard reeves, abc 7 news. terror alerts have been released for travelers in europe. we are live with the very latest. what can you tell us? >> intelligence officials believe that a somewhat bin laden is behind a plot to attack several european cities. they have called this new threat credible, but not specific. many americans traveling to europe seem undeterred by the news. >> you have to know that stuff
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is going on. i am always aware of what i am doing. >> u.s. and european officials say an alert could be released as early as tomorrow telling americans to travel, but be vigilant, especially at european airports and hotels. >> they can get the recruitment for fund raising that they need. it is impossible for government officials to secure them all. >> they may be plotting terrorist using assault weapons in public places. >> the mumbai attacks were easy to perpetrate. they can have an incredible effect. they portray terrorist on tv running around streets, randomly killing people. >> many passengers at this airport were unaware of the terror plot. >> i am not heard anything about it. >> warning americans about this
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threat may be ian urgent reaction. >> i do not really worry about it too much at this point. >> there are hundreds of thousands of americans in europe at any one time, including tourists, students, and businesspeople. the language in the u.s. alert is expected to be vague. it will not address a specific country or landmark. turning out to some breaking news out of southeast washington. a major accident involving a d.c. police cruiser. a person driving down the parkway swerved to avoid a disabled car. the driver clit a pedestrian, jumped a median, and struck the police cruiser. delays are being reported along the parkway.
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thousands of people descended on the national mall today. the crowds were mostly progressive. they are ready to take on the tea party for the november mid- term elections. >> we are one nation. we share the same vision. >> progressive groups diverged -- progressive groups assembled at the lincoln memorial. >> we bailed out the banks. we bailed out the insurance companies. now it is time to bail out the american people. >> speakers say the rally is a counter to the tea party movement and is a stark contrast to the conservative gathering here one month ago. >> this rally is about showing that this is one nation pre- dawn we will persevere. we need to work together. >> this lady traveled from seattle. she says she was the nation's
11:52 pm
leaders to focus on getting americans back on their feet. >> it is all about america. >> personal stories from out of work americans, immigrants, and veterans. those in attendance a they are fired up. they hope it won't carry on into the mid-term elections. >> we have not gotten everything we wanted in the first two years. we have to stand behind our leader. >> tonight, the white house shooting down reports that robert gibbs is about to change jobs. democratic insiders are considering gibbs to become the democratic committee chairman next year. he says he is happy with his current job. a tornado touched down in
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the maryland on thursday. the twister packed winds up to 80 miles per hour. it cause moderate damage. fortunately, it is a very calm night. it is almost all-like. >> let me tell you, our skies are clear right now. clouds are just off to the west in the shenandoah valley and atomic highway. take a look at our temperatures. they are dropping quickly. leesburg is at 82 degrees. 49 in martinsburg. here are our weather headlines -- cool and dry tonight. increasing clouds tomorrow. or you ready for more rain for the upcoming work week? we will have the forecast in much more detail in a few minutes. >> more rain. we will check back with you soon. a drug store is set to open
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in an historic area of manassas. demonstrators say they were misled about what the store would sell. the owner says he filed the proper paperwork. >> everyone thought that was what it was, a retail lingerie store. nobody was suspecting that it was a sexually oriented business. >> we look at the permits to make sure we had our items controlled. >> the store is scheduled to open october 20. patrons must be 18 or older to shop there. it is the matchup that many redskins fans have been waiting for. donovan mcnabb will return to his holdings -- to his old stadium. it is a big game. >> when he was first drafted in 1999 -- tomorrow when he returns, we'll see what he has. we are less than 24 hours away from what will be the most
11:55 pm
watched and talked about reunion in nfl history. donovan mcnabb will return to his old stomping grounds. we will find out tomorrow at philadelphia's loss is a washington's game. here is now arriving in philadelphia. the 1-2 team needs this when to stay ahead in the division. >> he has a major chip on his shoulder about this game. >> they have been nearly unstoppable. he is pretty good. >> we are pulling for donovan mcnabb tomorrow. still ahead, caught on tape -- and armed robbery in virginia. what happened and how -- and what the man got away with. new problems for the
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>> you are watching abc 7 news, on your side.
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>> this is surveillance video of an armed robbery at a gas station. it happened this morning. the suspect got an undisclosed amount of cash and made his getaway in the sedan. a moment of silence today for the 18-year old who committed suicide after his roommate showed video of them in an intimate moment with another man. it is one of several tributes planned for the freshmen. meanwhile, his roommate and another student face invasion of park -- invasion of privacy charges. there are new developments tonight for the emergence -- for the murder investigation of a six-year old. interviews are being conducted. the committee it has looked at
12:00 am
evidence in the case. his body was found on christmas day in 1996. a woman known as the "dean of mean" is free tonight. prosecutors have charged her with abusing her position. she used student scholarships. she threatened to take money away. she she denies she did any wrongdoing. >> shi'a shot. what did she do wrong? she has done this for decades. she has been giving out scholarships. >> the university fired her for a previous problem. she is under indictment for stealing $1 million from the school. problems tonight for the white house party crashers. there are reports that salhai's
12:01 am
polo club has filed for bankruptcy. it are awarded $400,000 last year. this year, it may only $50,000. the jest that -- the address tha -- the dress that salahi wore to the white house dinner has been auctioned. it is a chance to wet your palate in bethesda today. more than 50 restaurants set up booths for people to sample their cooking. there was music, arts and crafts. abc 7 was a proud sponsor of the events.
12:02 am
steve rudin was there as well. it was a beautiful day in bethesda. there was lots of sunshine. it was a nice, nice day. as we look at the jefferson memorial -- it is quiet and dry. the wind has subsided. it will be a chilly night ahead. it is just like autumn. 54 degrees at this hour. that is after a daytime high of 76 degrees. 57 degrees in southwest d.c. it feels like 44 degrees. there is a little bit of a chill in the air. the high temperature at reagan airport was 67 degrees. that is nowhere close to the record. 89 degrees was set in 1986.
12:03 am
50 in state college. 52 in pittsburgh. the cooler air is off to the midwest. minneapolis is under a freeze advisory for tonight. freeze warnings for parts of wisconsin and upper michigan. satellite and radar shows this disturbance just south to the north and west of us. no rain showers expected for tonight. the clouds will continue to increase for the morning hours tomorrow. by tomorrow afternoon, will be looking at showers across the area. an area of low pressure will develop. this will bring clouds, rain, and cool temperatures for monday. we will rebound nicely. wednesday, thursday, and friday -- the low pressure will move off to the north and east. behind it, cooler air. warmer temperatures and sunshine or on the way. turning partly cloudy to the overnight hours.
12:04 am
45 to 52 degrees. working out tomorrow, clouds will increase. temperatures rebound into the 50's. only 55 degrees tomorrow with showers by mid afternoon into the evening hours. winds pick up other the northeast from five to 10 miles an hour. the archers are very cool. only 60 degrees on monday for a high. the rain will move out of here by mid-day tuesday. by wednesday, thursday, and friday it will be lots of sunshine. back into the 70's. the record by october 11, the record high of 90 degrees a drop down into the 80's. >> is still a small chance. thank you. we appreciate it. coming up, thousands ofy


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